Andrew Teebay

The first in our series of meet the candidate posts is for Andrew Teebay, who is standing in the reshaped Birchfield ward.

In Andrew’s words:

I am a local person who grew up in the Halton area having originally moved here in 1964 when I was 3 years old. Over the years I have lived and worked in the US, London and finally back here in Widnes where I set up my own IT Consulting business which I ran from 2003 until 2018. I have brought up my family here and my youngest is currently at university.

After the last traumatic year with COVID lockdowns and restrictions, we have to start to build back better and that needs to start locally in your local council. For too long Halton has been run like a one-party fiefdom with too little accountability, scrutiny or answerability. By voting for myself and the Lib Dems you can start to hold your council more fully to account and answerable to you.

Building back better also requires that we put a greater emphasis on the environment but not just on the environmental impact of what we’re doing now but also that of current and future solutions. For example, we need to look at the availability of electric car charging points so that people without a drive can enjoy the benefits of cleaner personal transport… yet at the same time, acknowledging that better public transport is a necessity for many. By planning carefully for the future we can avoid making the same sort of mistakes we’ve all made in the past.

Over the last 5 months businesses in the North West region has seen a massive increase in the amount of bureaucracy, paper work and endless form filling required to get their goods and services to markets in Ireland and across the channel. Whilst as your local council there is little Halton can do directly to change this, we can pressure government and campaign to ensure that taking back control does not lead to taking on ever more complex and unnecessary bureaucracy, paper work and endless form filling and ensure that your council keeps its own level of bureaucratic paper work to the absolute minimum required.

By voting for me, you help increase the chances of this area remaining a great place to live in with a rational, clear headed individual representing you and your interests.


Published and promoted by DAVID COVENEY on behalf of ANDREW TEEBAY (Liberal Democrats), all at 101 Heath Road South, Runcorn, WA7 4QH

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