The Liberal Democrats candidates for the local elections for Halton Borough Council on May the 3rd (April 18th if voting by post) are now final and listed here. We’ll soon be posting much more information on each candidate and their manifestos as they each commence their campaigns.

Details of all the candidates from all parties for each ward can be found on the HBC website in this statement of persons nominated and notice of poll.

Birchfield – Romana Dworak

Romana Dworak has ably supported the party since joining. Since 2009, Romana has represented the UK workforce’s rights by sitting on her employer’s European Works Council, working with representatives across the EU in order to ensure that jobs are protected and developed wherever possible.

Grange – Linda Redhead

Linda is a stalwart of Halton Liberal Democrats and has lived in Runcorn for 46 years, working as a teacher. Linda has previously served as a councillor, and was leader of the opposition in Halton Council.  She serves as a volunteer at the Catalyst Science and Discovery in the education department and is on the fund raising committee.

Halton Brook – Granville Spencer

Our campaigning stalwart, Granville Spencer lives in Halton Brook. He’s particularly keen to bring attention to problems of fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour in the area.

Halton Lea – Ernest Ratcliffe

Ernie represented the Mersey Ward on Halton Borough Council between 2004 and 2011. Formerly an engineer at ICI before running his own engineering company locally, he is proud to be standing again.

Heath – Chris Rowe

A current and popular councillor in the Heath ward, which also covers Weston Point. This is the area Chris was born in. He’s been a staunch advocate for the people of the area and is standing for re-election on May the 3rd.

Mersey – Joanne Rowe

Married to Councillor Chris Rowe, Joanne has supported her husband for many years and is hoping to represent the Mersey Ward. Joanne previously lived in the Mersey ward and is keen to help make sure that the area receives the best possible representation on the council.

Norton North – Diane Inch

Diane brings great experience to the team, and is a well known face in her area. A registered childminder, Diane also sits on the board of an important local charity.

Norton South – Miriam Hodge

Miriam previously served as councillor for Kingsway in Widnes, and is now standing in Norton South. She is popular and runs a local children’s play centre, bringing an understanding of local business issues to the team.

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

2 thoughts to “Runcorn and Widnes’s local election candidates for the 2018 local elections

  • Lisa Gordon

    With only a couple of days to go until the elections I am trying to find details of my local candidates manifesto. I have had nothing through the door and there isn’t anything on the website. Please can you send me some information, I am in Grange Ward in Halton. Thanks, Lisa

    • David Coveney

      For future elections we’re looking to do candidate profiles. In some wards, however, we don’t always have the people to do everything that’s needed to run a full campaign. If you’d like to help, it would be wonderful – we need members and supporters who can spare a little time each month to make future campaigns stronger.


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