The Liberal Democrats candidates for the local elections for Halton Borough Council on May the 2nd are now final and listed here.

Beechwood – Linda Redhead

Linda is a stalwart of Halton Liberal Democrats and has lived in Runcorn for 46 years, working as a teacher. Linda has previously served as a councillor, and was leader of the opposition in Halton Council.  She serves as a volunteer at the Catalyst Science and Discovery in the education department and is on the fund raising committee.

Birchfield – Romana Coveney

Romana Dworak has ably supported the party since joining. Since 2009, Romana has represented the UK workforce’s rights by sitting on her employer’s European Works Council, working with representatives across the EU in order to ensure that jobs are protected and developed wherever possible.

Daresbury – Miriam Hodge

Miriam previously served as councillor for Kingsway in Widnes, and is now standing in Daresbury. She is popular and runs a local children’s play centre, bringing an understanding of local business issues to the team.

Ditton – David Coveney

After a couple of years of activity and campaigning with the local party, David finally accepted all the nudges to stand and decided to stand in Ditton where he had been a well respected resident for twenty years.

Grange – Joanne Rowe

Married to Councillor Chris Rowe, Joanne has supported her husband’s councillor role for many years and is hoping to bring solid representation to the Grange Ward should she be elected.

Heath – Margaret Ratcliffe

Margaret Ratcliffe has represented the Heath ward on the council in the past and was hugely popular. Liked and respected, Margaret is also a magistrate and will do a wonderful job of helping to represent residents over issues such as incinerator monitoring.

Mersey – Jamie Lunt

A new face on the board for us, Jamie is adding some new energy and his broad range of friendships and connections in the local area.

Norton North – Diane Inch

Diane brings great experience to the team, and is a well known face in her area, popular for her warmth and kindness. A registered childminder, Diane also sits on the board of an important local charity.

Norton South- Michael Inch

Michael brings his range of experience to the team and is well known in the area. With his wife Diane, they make a formidable team!

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

2 thoughts to “Halton’s Local Elections Candidates for the 2nd of May 2019

  • Estelle Armitage

    How were we supposed to vote for you in the local elections when you never canvassed our road. We didn’t even receive a leaflet through the door so have no idea what your policies are, gives the impression you weren’t really in the race

    • David Coveney

      Hi – we do try to deliver to every house in targeted wards.

      One big problem is that we have a shortage of helpers who can deliver or canvass. If you’re interested, do let us know.


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