Chris is the Liberal Democrats candidate for the new Runcorn and Helsby constituency in the 2024 General Election. Chris was first elected as a councillor in 2003, and served as the Lord Mayor for Halton 2021-2022.

I see the boundary change as something positive, particularly for Runcorn, and it’s the boundary change that has prompted me to stand. I feel that my recent experience as Leader of the Opposition at Halton, being Mayor of Halton and my current experience as Opposition Spokesperson on LCR Transport Committee means I have more to offer than at the last election.

The Liberal Democrats offer a real alternative by having distinctive policies which aim to provide a fair deal, a fair deal that would be good for Runcorn and Helsby constituents. I have served as a local councillor for over 20 years and I am delighted to be standing in Runcorn and Helsby constituency, particularly off the back of the recent Lib Dem successes across the country in the local election. I believe people see a role for the Liberal Democrats as a centre party.

If elected I would work on constituents’ behalf to address the issues faced by Runcorn and Helsby constituents, although the fact that the constituency is very varied, ranging from farming, forest, historic, urban and industrial means there are no “one size fits all” answers.

Published & promoted by Tom Sutton (Liberal Democrats) all at 101 Heath road South, Weston Village, Runcorn, WA7 4QH

2 thoughts to “Chris Rowe is your Runcorn and Helsby Candidate

  • Kelly Dace

    As a lifelong Labour vote, I’ve now decided my political views are more closely aligned to your party. For the first time in my life, I’m voting Liberal Democrats.
    Good Luck!

    • David Coveney

      That’s wonderful! Thank you very much for letting us know.


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