Halton — 16th November 2019 — On Thursday, nominations were closed for the Halton General Election candidates for 2019. Halton’s Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce their candidate, Stephen Gribbon.

A cool head

Stephen has served the community in the fire service for 27 years, and currently works as a Watch Commander. More recently, Stephen was elected as councillor in 2018 for Marple.

“Stephen’s history of public service and dealing with difficult situations in a fire fighting capacity gives us just the sort of cool head we need for a Halton MP,” said Chris Rowe, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Halton Borough Council. He continued, “with the qualities we’ve seen in him, the voters of Halton should feel reassured that he will always stand by community values of warmth and hard work. He’ll make a fantastic candidate and would make a wonderful representative for all people in the area.”

Looking forward

Halton Liberal Democrats have been actively campaigning in Halton on a range of issues, from local planning concerns, environmental problems, and stopping Brexit amongst many. Stephen Gribbons stated: ” I firmly believe that our party is on the rise for reasons that the public can relate to notably our unwavering stance on Brexit, our being approachable and our high standards in representing the public.”

More on Stephen’s positions will soon be available both at our website at https://haltonlibdems.org.uk/ and our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/haltonlibdems/

The Liberal Democrats were founded in 1988 following a merger between the Liberals and the Labour breakaway movement, the Social Democrats. This created a party whose aim is to create a fair, free and open society based on the values of liberty, equality and community. It is a party that recognises individual freedom and collective responsibility, resulting in strongly progressive and forward looking positions on education, healthcare and the environment.

Can you help?

As Halton is not a target constituency for the Liberal Democrats and funds are tight (we still haven’t fully recovered from 2017!), we’ve opted to run a minimal campaign here in this election with mostly social media and some targeted leafleting. We need help with any of the following:

  1. Can you leaflet? Let us know how much time you have and the areas you can cover and we will arrange to give you some leaflets. We’ve had volunteers deliver anything from 20 to 2,000 leaflets – the amount doesn’t matter: every little bit counts!
  2. Can you donate? We need to cover the £500 deposit, and also spend some money on leaflet printing and social media campaigning. You can easily make a donation by doing a funds transfer or setting up a standing order to Halton Liberal Democrats, Sort code 40-39-14  Account number 11241990 – if you wish to donate more than £500 then you must inform us that you are doing this under PPERA regulations so that we can check your legal eligibility to donate or we will be obliged to ask the bank to return the money.

Can you follow us on the social media link above? Please “like” our posts and share some of them as appropriate and without boring your friends! This will help expand our reach and bring more people to us.

Stephen Gribbon

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