Tony Dalton has been chosen by the Liberal Democrats to fight in the forthcoming by-election for the Halton Castle Ward. 

He lives locally and has close family members living in the Halton Castle Ward. Tony served for ten years in the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.  He cares deeply about local issues and feels the frustrations like many others do about the lack of facilities for local residents. Problems like litter, the decline in the availability of doctors and resources in Halton Hospital, the decline of facilities in the Shopping City and the Old Town. There is the continual problem of local low-level crime, which needs to be stamped out by the community working alongside the police. 

Talking about climate change, the Liberal Democrats fully understand what bold measures must be taken to ensure a clean , green and carbon free future and will challenge and support measures to achieve this for the UK. 

If elected Tony has pledged to raise these issues, and to work towards getting the results you deserve. He will provide an alternative voice on a Council that is dominated by the Labour Party. Halton Council does need an alternative voice.

Liberal Democrats are the recognised Opposition Party to Labour in Halton. Vote for Tony Dalton on 25th Nov 2021.

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