You are liberal. You are democratic. You are open minded, modern, green, internationalist and pro-European. You believe in social equality. You understand the importance of the digital revolution, education and co-operation. You want to tear down the barriers to success that many people face. We agree with you. And we'd like you to join us and help us make Halton the best it can be.

The Core Values

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.
The Environment

Who we are

Policies for Halton

Visit our policies page to see more, but in brief, here's a few highlights of our local policy for Halton.
Bridge Tolls
We believe the bridge tolls represent an unfair burden on local businesses, and local workers who live outside the borough - again, placing another burden on businesses in the area. We will continue to pressure for a more socially caring approach to the tolls.
The Incinerators
Halton hosts a number of incinerators, from waste and sludge incinerators, to crematoriums. These should all be properly managed and monitored. We continue to push for strict environmental controls, starting with the biggest first.
Balanced Development
People need homes, both private and socially provided. But we also need green spaces, places to play, and areas to stretch our legs and those of our pets. We need a diverse ecology. We will do everything we can to ensure that local development is sensitive and good for all.
Exit from Brexit
Whatever it is you believe in most - the environment, NHS, social justice... it is framed by Brexit. The economic pain for the North West was never made clear by the government, but now details have been leaked we continue to fight for an Exit from Brexit. Halton voted to leave, but with no thanks to poor leadership from other parties. We call for a rethink.
Public Transport
Public transport provision in Halton is awkward, with the bridge splitting the borough. We call for a broad strategy, working through connections with the Liverpool City Region, and ensuring that no area of Halton should find itself cut off from a good service.
We're busy bees at Halton Liberal Democrats. Here's a big about what we're up to. Why not join in and help?
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Our Team

Meet the people who are in the driving seat of Halton Liberal Democrats.
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe

Councillor and Lib Dem Leader in the Council

Chris Rowe has served as a councillor in Halton since 2004. Growing up in Weston Point, Chris has developed a deep understanding of the issues faced by the local community. If you live in the Heath Ward, he can be reached at christopher.rowe@halton.gov.uk

Margaret Ratcliffe
Margaret Ratcliffe

Chair and Councillor

Margaret has been a councillor in the past for many years, as well as serving the community as a magistrate. Highly regarded in the Heath area, Margaret recently won a seat back on the council to represent the ward.

    Gareth Stockton
    Gareth Stockton


    Gareth has represented the people of the Heath Ward since 2012. His understanding of finance and business has helped in analysing council plans and budgets. If you live in the Heath Ward, he can be contacted at gareth.stockton@halton.gov.uk

    David Coveney
    David Coveney

    Membership Development Officer

    Only getting involved in politics since 2016, David is now the snap election parliamentary candidate for Halton, as well as a regular candidate for the Ditton Ward in local elections.

    Tim Sly
    Tim Sly

    Vice Chair

    After a successful two years a chair of Halton Liberal Democrats, an illustrious career as a councillor, Tim is Vice Chair

      Mike Hodgkinson
      Mike Hodgkinson


      Stalwart of Halton Liberal Democrats, Mike is the local party secretary. His experience as a highways engineer brings valuable knowledge of what can and can't be done with our local road network.

        And we will get in touch as soon as possible. Please note that email enquiries are only checked on a weekly basis. If you wish to raise an issue with your councillor, please refer above to contact details.
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