Mike Marlow

My name is Mike Marlow, I am your Lib Dem candidate for election to Halton Borough Council on 6th May. I am retired, having worked in the
construction industry for 35 years. I am currently a Councillor for Preston Brook Parish Council.

I have lived on Bridgewater Grange, Preston Brook since 2012. I have seen many changes over the last 10 years. The gap between rich and poor has become even wider. We are witnessing real poverty with Food Bank queues becoming longer by the day. Cut after cut to Council funding has disproportionately affected the less well off.

I want to see Child Poverty eradicated. Children should not be considered a
burden but an Investment. They need to be fed and nurtured. Our children are our Future.

I believe passionately in Equality and recognising and respecting Diversity. Every person regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or disability should have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

I want to help and support our older and more vulnerable residents.

That’s why I need your support on May 6th, so that I may effectively represent the interests of all the residents of Norton South and Preston Brook.

The latest from local Lib Dem campaigner Mike Marlow…

We need to support local carers!

Along with my fellow Liberal Democrats nationally. I will work to get a better Deal for “Home Carers” many of whom have not had a break for over a year. They look after their elderly and vulnerable relatives for an allowance of £67.60 per week. It would cost around £1250 per week for those same people to be cared for in a nursing home.

I will continue to fight for residents

I will continue to campaign for the proposed new junction 11a /M56 to go ahead at Preston Brook. So that the huge volume of Heavy Goods Vehicles can access directly, the transport depots on the Whitegate Industrial estate. Without having to drive through the village of Preston Brook.

With hundreds of new homes to be built in our area, I will campaign for vital improvements to our road infrastructure and additional local amenities.

Contact Mike Marlow by email at mikepmarlow@gmail.com

Published and promoted by Keith Hinde on behalf of Mike Marlow, Halton Liberal Democrats, at 15 Riddings Lane, Northwich, CW8 1NB

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